Car Servicing

Sequential Automotive service all types of cars and light trucks. All cars need to be need serviced regularly, even if they are working perfectly. This is a to ensure you can keep your new car warranty and extend the life of your vehicle. Modern cars use a high performance motor oil to provide reliable protection for the engine. Modern car engines need to have oil changed regularly to prevent damage. Once the oil starts to get old it becomes thicker and does not protect the engine as well.   All car owners must understand the importance of car scheduled service and can plan ahead based on the number of kilometres they travel as to when they next car service is due.  Sequential Automotive put a small sticker on your car window after a service so you know when your next service is due. 

Sequential Automotive can also check other car components like suspension, brakes and car repairs. We also provide auto elec services like servicing the car computer to ensure it is running smoothly. Unless you are a professional mechanic and have access to the proper auto elec diagnostic software you may not know when your car is in need of a tune up. 

Maintenance tasks commonly carried out during a motor vehicle service include: changing the motor oil and filter, replacing the air, fuel filters; replacing the spark plugs; plugging into the car computer so it can be checked for problems and tuned if necessary. Other items are also very important such as adjusting the brakes, handbrake, checking break fluid levels, checking the steering rack, fan belts, air conditioner belts and automatic transmission fluids. Majority of car services in Australia are either classed as a minor service or a major service depending on the kilometres you travel.

The prices for car servicing are different from each model vehicle. Some vehicles may need less oil and have cheaper spare parts to use and others like 4wd vehicles and light trucks spare parts can be more more expensive when servicing and replacement parts are needed.

Sequential Automotive carry up to date computer diagnostic equipment to ensure we can fix a broad range of car, light truck and 4WD problems. Finding and fixing car faults quickly can save you money as in-proper diagnostic equipment may not lead to replacing the right components to repair your vehicle.

Sequential Automotive will always prefer to use original manufacturers spare parts as our first priority rather than non genuine after market parts. Using quality spare parts ensures less problems and keeps your vehicle running longer.